Kelp noodles

When I browsed for recipes for this weeks menu I came across something called kelp noodles. Never heard of it before so I had to research online! Kelp noodles are made from seaweed. It is possible to use kelp noodles right from the bag, no need to cook them. Just rinse and put them in a salad or mix with a sauce. Sounded interesting so decided to try the recipe, a Paleo version of “Spaghetti Marinara”.

I didn’t really expect to find it in a regular grocery store but I did. It was in the Asian aisle together with the other types of noodles that exist.

I can’t say it looked like it was going to taste fantastic and when I opened the box and took out the kelp noodles it felt like “plastic” and just plain weird.


Both hubby and I was a little skeptical but we made the marinara sauce and mixed in the kelp noodles. We put it on the plates and started eating. Turned into a pleasant surprise! It actually tasted really good. I had pictured in my mind that we might have to go out for dinner. 🙂

Kelp noodles don’t really taste anything rather it picks up the flavor from whatever it is mixed with. In our case a chili and garlic pasta sauce. We weren’t 100% paleo as we added a little shredded cheese on top.


Definitely not the last time we eat kelp noodles! We only used half the box and when opened it needs to be consumed within a few days so tomorrow I’ll try to make Pad Thai with kelp noodles. Stay tuned… 😉

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