I choose to…

blogger-badgeThe campaign of this year’s Invisible Illness Week is “I choose to…” and it was not hard for me to pick mine:

I choose too… stay positive and cherish each day!

Each day I wake up without pain or stiffness it’s really not hard to be positive and enjoy the day, it’s when I wake up and not feel good it becomes challenging. How can you be positive and enjoy the day when the joints hurt badly and you just want to stay under the warm cover and not move ever again.  Well, I have a few tricks.

1. I actually do get out of bed. I force myself to do it! There is nothing fun with being in bed. If anything it just makes you depressed. Usually before I’ve even gotten out of bed hubby has already given me a glass of water and my painkillers.

2. I spoil myself with an extra long and warm shower. (can’t wait until we’ve moved to the new house so I can spoil myself with a bath instead!)

3. My hubby spoil me with making breakfast. Sometimes he even makes it extra special and makes scrambled eggs.

4. We try to do something. Usually that something is going to my parents so I can sit in front of a nice and warm fireplace. I sit in a comfortable chair with a blanket and just stare at the fire as long as I need. If it’s summertime when I have a bad day we still might go to my parents but instead of a fireplace–okay, I would actually enjoy a fire even then but no one else would like it when it’s over 20 degrees Celsius outside :)–I try to enjoy the views of the ocean. Fire or ocean… both are a fantastic way to calm my soul and make even a bad day a good day.

5. Hubby spoil me again… now with dinner. Sometimes he uses his grill master talents on my parents BBQ or he makes me pancakes or waffles at home. On rare occasions he even spoils me with blueberries in the pancake batter!

6. When I go to bed in the evening I remind myself that today has been a good day and tomorrow I’ll do my best to have another good day. I get a goodnight kiss and then hopefully with the extra help of a little more painkillers I have a good nights rest too.

Bottom line here is that the most important thing to remember is to find something each day which means something special to you. Eat a nice dinner, watch your favorite TV-show, talk to a friend, take a bath, play a game on your smartphone, read a magazine, get spoiled by your loved ones… (I’m sure you get the idea here). It is possible to enjoy and cherish even a bad day. Just don’t have to high expectations, and do as much as you can with the (limited) energy that you have.

Before I end my second post of the Invisible Illness-theme I want to share an article I found the other day called The Spoon Theory. If you ever have wondered what it feels like to be chronically ill, read it! I could never explain how I feel and how it impacts my life in any better words than those in this article. The writer of this article has rheumatism but no matter the illness, physical or psychological this article will help you understand just a little bit of what life is like for anyone with a chronic illness. Got spoons!? 😉

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