Saucy dinners

The past two weeks we’ve tried plenty of new recipes. We’ve found some we love and some (well, at least one) we’ll never do again. A few days ago we tried grilling parsnip. Wow! That won’t be the last time for sure.

As a Paleo diet means eating unprocessed food I have for the first time made my own pesto instead of buying. I found a recipe called paleo pesto on the website Unfortunately I couldn’t make it 100% paleo as it was totally impossible to find the ingredient coconut aminos. First I tried researching online because I just didn’t know what it was. I read that the best bet was to try to find it in health stores. Well, after visiting six places I just decided to ignore it. Apparently it’s possible to order online from the UK so I’ll do that but until I have it at home I’ll just used the regular soy sauce. Or maybe try to make my own paleo approved soy sauce instead?

Well, the paleo pesto was very easy to make, just put all ingredients into the mixer and voila you got a very tasty pesto!

All ingredients (basil, pumpkin seeds, cashews, soy sauce and olive oil) ready to be mixed.
All ingredients (basil, pumpkin seeds, cashews, soy sauce and olive oil) ready to be mixed.
Ready to be served.
Ready to be served.

Another meal asked for an almond thai sauce. This recipe was also found on but here I made a regular chicken salad instead of chicken wrap. One of the best homemade thai sauces I’ve ever made!

Chicken salad with almond thai sauce.
Chicken salad with almond thai sauce.

What interesting dinners will we eat next week? It’s so much fun to prepare the week’s menu. I enjoyed it even before we changed our eating habits but now with all the new recipes it’s even more fun.

All I know is that this paleo thingy clearly works wonders. I’ve lost a little over 2 kilos the first week. I suppose it works a little too well as loosing to much weight each week is not healthy either so not being good all the time is the perfect solution. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Saucy dinners

  1. tokyohamster September 6, 2013 / 16:58

    I’ve been hearing so much about the Paleo diet recently and how some people swear by it! So many people say that they feel less sluggish and lose a ton of weight! I would try it, but I’m really hesitant to give up noodles 🙂 Glad it’s working well for you though – your food looks scrumptious!

    • Cecilia September 6, 2013 / 17:15

      Thanks for your comment! As with any diet I think it’s important to spoil yourself every once in a while in order to be successful. We haven’t gone 100% paleo instead we try to base our meals on the paleo believes but we have kept dairy in our diet. We have omitted “only” grains and processed food. Although I know I’ll eat some of that too every now and then. I can relate to having a hard time not eating noodles though. 🙂

      • tokyohamster September 7, 2013 / 03:56

        Oooo that is a diet I might be able to stick to 🙂 I might just give your version a try!!

        • Cecilia September 8, 2013 / 10:52

          If you do let me know how it works for your. 🙂 I think the reason why so many people fail with diets is because they go “all in” and don’t spoil themselves every now and then.

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