Shopping Heaven

The shopping mall in Täby has now opened up an new area. It’s 14k more space and in total 60 new stores! Seriously, it was good before and now it’s even more fantastic! All of my favorite stores are now located in one place, under one roof! Lush, Sephora, Saint Tropez and not to forget Apple store (three of these are in the old area and have been there for a little while though). And, in 2014 it will apparently open up another new area of the mall. =) I think it’s possible to get lost there soon.

I went there on the first day of the extended opening weekend. Boy was it A LOT of people. I was smart enough to not stand in the loooooong line of one of the entrances to the new area (they gave out goodie bags to the first 1000 people) but instead I walked to one of the side entrances and calmly waited for 12pm at which time the “door” would be opened. When I had walked across both of new floors, plus shopped in two stores there were still people waiting in the long line at the first entrance. Seriously, why did they do that!? Clearly the first 1000 people that would receive a goodie bag had already passed and gone. My only conclusion is that Swedes love to stand in line. 🙂

The new shopping "street".
The new shopping “street”.
The "open fire" (no real fire at all, just looks like it) in one of the lounge areas.
The “open fire” (no real fire at all, just looks like it) in one of the lounge areas.

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