In May I noticed that my wisdom tooth had started to “fall apart” as a corner piece was missing. I called and got an appointment at the dentist but he referred me to a dental surgeon. It sat fairly deep so he didn’t dare to do it himself. A pity to not have it removed right away but I’m glad he sent me to experts instead of trying. After a few weeks I got a letter from the dental surgeon that I could call and schedule my appointment. Unfortunately they had quite a long waiting time especially since it was during the summer months and they would be closed.

Yesterday it was finally time to visit the dental surgeon.  I’m not particularly fond of going to the dentist–who is?–but at least I know what to expect then. I’ve never seen a dental surgeon before so I was a little nervous before the appointment. Both the nurse and the surgeon was very nice though and we talked a little before they started working. The surgeon said it was an easy fix because the roots of the tooth looked good and they sat straight down so no tricky parts at all. Good for me! 🙂

They gave me local anesthesia and started working. As the tooth was still a bit hidden they had to drill and suddenly I felt pain so more anesthesia was added. After around 10 minutes it was all over and the surgeon took me to her office so we could talk. No food or drink for three hours (until the anesthesia had disappeared) and I could expect pain, bleeding and swelling the first few days. Oh how fun! 😦

I went home and lay down on the bed so the worst bleeding could subside. After an hour at home I started to feel pain and it just got worse and worse. I little annoying as I still couldn’t drink. After the 3 hours had passed I went straight to the pain killer jar! Finally, some relief!

The afternoon and evening I spent watching three movies–love Netflix, for a monthly fee I can watch as many movies as I want! The pain killers were a nice company too. Hubby was out with co-workers as it was his last day at his old job. On Monday starts a new adventure for him.

I had anticipated that it would be difficult to eat the first day(s) so Thursday I bought a box of easily fixed asparagus soup for dinner. Can’t say it helped the hunger much but at least it was something.


This morning my dear hubby made me yummy scrambled eggs. Easy to eat too! It’s also easier to open my mouth today. It’s still bleeding a little bit but the pain is easily controlled with my pain killers for my rheumatism. As long as I take them regularly I barely have any pain at all. A few more days and I’ll be back to normal again. Just one tooth less in my mouth.

2 thoughts on “Toothless

  1. addercatter September 1, 2013 / 04:18

    Wow… the same thing has happened to me. Two of my wisdom teeth have crumbled. I can’t afford to get them extracted though. One got infected a couple months ago 😦

    • Cecilia September 5, 2013 / 15:39

      Oh don’t sound good. As long as they don’t hurt and are uncomfortable though I suppose it’s no big deal really. Did you get some medicine for the infection? Sounds uncomfortable! I’m still in a little pain and just learned today it can stick around for 14 days. 😦

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