31 days

In August there was a geocaching challenge called “31 days of geocaching”. Each of the day that you logged at least one geocache you got a little “souvenir”, it’s like a badge that is automatically displayed on you account. Hubby and I thought that was a pretty fun idea so we decided to go for it. As today is the last day of August I’m happy to report that we have found at least one geocache each day. So, now we have 31 “shining” souvenirs. During these 31 days we’ve found 71 caches in total. Before we started this month I had 81 geocaches in total so I’ve almost doubled the amount during the past month! =)

The little badge for each day of the month of August.

When we had vacation it wasn’t so hard to take the time to go geocaching but now since we’re back at work we’ve had to do it in the evenings. We decided to pick quick and easy caches close to home. Even though it has been a lot of fun I’m kinda glad August is over and we can go in to normal routine which means to go geocaching when we have more time to do it. 🙂

Here are a few “new”–i.e. I’ve not shown any of them in a blog post earlier–photos of our geocaching adventures this month.

The largest cache we’ve found so far.
Terrible rainy day. I sat in the car while hubby walked outside. This was a true “park n grab cache”.
Can you see the hidden cache?
Can you see the hidden cache?
A beautiful gate we passed when walking between two caches.
A beautiful old gate we passed when walking between two caches.

One thought on “31 days

  1. addercatter September 1, 2013 / 03:51

    I LOVE geocaching!!! Thanks for reminding me to do it again!

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