Productive day

Next week our condo association has rented a container (they do it twice a year) so perfect timing for a little clean out of the apartment today. I want to have gone through our whole apartment and gotten rid of stuff we no longer need in plenty of time before moving to the house. So, today our bookcase in the living room got some major attention. Now we have just as many books to get rid off as we have left in the bookcase. We found a JavaScript book printed in 1998! Obviously no one has much use of that one any longer. Some books we’ll give away though.


In the evening we grilled sweet potatoes and lamb meatballs. The meatballs was seasoned with freshly cut mint, allspice, cayenne pepper and salt. I made a yogurt sauce with mint, garlic and salt. A fantastic dinner! First time ever we grilled sweet potato and it tasted good but we could definitely improve it a little. 😊


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