Back to business

After a fun two days away we are now back home again. Now it’s back to work tomorrow for Mathias who has been on vacation for 5,5 weeks!

I’ve been “working” for the past two weeks but as I don’t have an assignment life has been fairly easy. I’m hoping that will change quickly now as summer vacations are over and companies might need some new people/consultants. If my eye permit I will catch up on some reading. I have a few IT and management books I want to read.

Tomorrow I’m going back to the hospital for a check up of my eye. I’m still not feeling completely well so I’m anticipating more days with my meds. 😦

On our way back home today we grabbed 4 caches. Two of them was in the middle of roundabouts and it was very hard to try not to be seen. The by passers seemed very curious and stared at us. It was very funny to see them.


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