On the road again


We are on the road again! This time around on a short 2-night stay in Tällberg in the province of Dalarna. Last time we were here it was in the middle of winter and -20 degrees outside. Now, it’s summer and green.

We started mid morning yesterday with picking up my brother and then started the approximate 4 hours drive northwest of Stockholm. On our way we stopped and grabbed 10 geocaches (before bedtime we had found two more)!


Hubby has now reached his 100th cache as well. This is how happy he was… although he didn’t realize that this was his 100 cache until after we found it.


During this trip to Tällberg we decided to try another hotel, Green Hotel, than the one we usually stays at, Dalecarlia.


It is a beautiful place with the best view of Lake Siljan but I think I prefer Dalecarlia more. The breakfast at Dalecarlia is better plus that they have an a la carte menu compared to this hotel which has a fixed 3 course menu. The dinner last night was fantastic but I like having more choices.

Of course we had to stop at the famous phone booth which also had a geocache hidden inside. Here my brother and I are looking for the hidden cache.


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