1.. 2.. 3.. Boom…

This morning we signed the agreement of the payment of the lot. Now it’s ours!!

The sales person told us they had started blasting on the lot this week and that they anticipated to be finished today. The funny (or maybe the correct word is interesting!?) part with that is that we still haven’t signed the agreement with the blasting and foundation company. I don’t really get how they can start working then. We have gotten an estimate of the cost but it seems very weird that we don’t have an signed agreement of the work/cost.



The most hilarious thing is that they stopped right in front of the flag pole. It’s just a few centimeters in between. Feels like they (the seller of the lot) did that just in order to annoy us as we previously requested to have it removed and which they refused. As there are a few cracks in the rock beneath the pole we’ll ask again to get it done. As it is now it don’t feel completely safe. If the wont do anything we will try to give it away to anyone who wants it for free. No payment needed as long as its taken away.


They had saved a few things like we requested… the pine they cut up as we want to use it as firewood and on that pine a birdhouse was located which now was standing beside another tree. We’ll hang it somewhere else later this fall.



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