Party prep

It’s my wonderful hubby’s 45th birthday today. We’re not having the real celebration until Saturday when everyone is invited to my parents place (our apartment is too small) for BBQ.

I’m making cupcakes for the birthday party and today I started making the flowers that will be on top as decoration. I’ve not made any since I attended the cupcake class in May so it was fun to finally make some again. I did not have everything I needed so the first flowers didn’t turn out as great but then I tried to use sponges to put the flowers upside down on in order for them to keep the shape. Much better! I can’t remember that we did that in the class though so not sure why I had the issue of the flowers “falling apart”.


Of course we needed a little celebration on his actual birthday so he decided what he wanted to grill, and I asked my parents if we could use their grill. Our electrical grill is no fun at all for a grill fanatic like my hubby. 😊 He made rainbow trout marinated in a habanero and lime sauce. First time we tried that recipe but definitely not the last!


One thought on “Party prep

  1. strawberryquicksand August 2, 2013 / 06:19

    Happy birthday, hubby!!!! My 40th is looming in November.. still trying to work out what to do.

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