Me time

I’m still having major issues with my hip. It just don’t want to cooperate with me. I’m not able to do my regular walks and some nights I can barely sleep because it hurts so bad no matter how I try to lay down. I’m quite annoyed… neither my Simponi shot last week nor a higher dose of cortisone pills seems to help. It’s clearly time to call my rheumatologist tomorrow to see if they can do anything. I want my normal “all-is-well” hip back again!! 😢

So when feeling poorly why not spoil yourself with a little “take-care-of-myself” moment!

Started the day with an extra long sleep-in (hubby left early for his allergy shot appointment and meeting with co-workers), next I went for a massage. First time I went to this particular place which I got recommended from a friend. Best massage ever! Really looking forward to next time already! I’ve been hurting a little in my back and neck the past two days but so worth it!

After that I enjoyed a little shopping and a quick lunch before going to the nail salon. Time to change the look. The gel polish from my previous appointment (before going on vacation) was removed and I chose a new baby blue color with a little glitter on two of the nails. Loving the color!


Perfect beginning to my last week of vacation! Actually would be a perfect start to any week… 😉

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