Road trip: Day 10


I managed to get a map today! It’s not the correct route after point D but better than no map at all.

Today we left Skanör and our first stop on our journey was the city of Lund (B) where we walked around the town square and in particular visited the cathedral. It’s not as impressive as the cathedral in Linköping but fun to have been there anyway. As the cathedral is located it was impossible to get a whole picture of the building. Hubby couldn’t even do it with his fancy camera so my iPhone don’t need to be too sad! 😊




After our little cathedral adventure we drove to the next place C where we visited two castles and a church. First off was Trollenäs castle with the old (11th century) church in the gardens. Here we also enjoyed coffee and cookies. They had two types of “cookie packages”, we chose the small version which was three cookies, a cinnamon bun and coffee. The larger version has 7 cookies…








Trollenäs castle is probably the most beautiful–both in regards to the actual castle and the surrounding gardens–here in Skåne.

Next castle was Trolleholm castle where we weren’t allowed to get closer than the front gate.


In Landskrona (D) we just happened to pass by and followed the sign for the citadel. Here we (mostly I?!) enjoyed a little shopping in their domestic arts/crafts store.


At 5 pm we arrived at today’s final destination, Ljungbyhed (E). Earlier this year we got a gift certificate of a free hotel night (we only pay for dinner and breakfast) from my mother-in-law. I just booked the only place it was valid for in Skåne which turned out to be Spångens Gästgivaregård or as most Swedes will know as Kalle på Spången, a movie from 1939. I’ve never seen the movie so obviously I have to rent it when we get home!

The three course dinner tonight was so-so… the appetizer was fantastic… salmon pâté.


The main course was barely OK… sauce was good but the rest not so much. Hubby makes much better grilled pork tenderloin himself!


And the dessert… well it was ice cream and fruits/berries which looked so bad on the plate that no matter how I tried I couldn’t get a good picture! So sorry, no dessert picture today!

One thought on “Road trip: Day 10

  1. strawberryquicksand July 24, 2013 / 22:32

    You are having just GORGEOUS weather, my lovely!

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