Road trip: Day 9

Sorry no map today… I’m having issues with the map app. 😞

First off I just want to report that my hip and foot survived yesterday’s long walk. I was hurting a little this morning but after my painkillers I’ve been totally fine all day long! And I lowered my cortisone dose again yesterday after two days on a higher dosage. So far so good!

We started the day with a little geocaching by this old mill.


Next we started the car trip of the day with driving to Falsterbo, the neighboring town, ~5 min drive, where we checked out their church.


Next on the schedule was checking out the building “Turning Torso” by the harbor in Malmö.


We also had a little “catch up” with a future co-worker of my hubby (he’s changing work in September). We got recommended a castle close by called Torups castle. Beautiful place where we took nice long walk in the garden.




After checking out the castle we took an long road home to Skanör. Instead of driving on the big main road which would take us ~30 minutes we drove on smaller country roads.

Back in Skanör we walked a little along the beach before enjoying our last dinner here before our journey north starts tomorrow. We ate at the same place as yesterday but tried new dishes. They had a Toast Skagen which I just had to try… for dessert I ate a fantastic Valrhona chocolate cake.



I’m gonna miss Skanör! It’s so relaxing and stressful here. It’s a very charming little town!

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