Road trip: Day 8

Today we’ve not used the car at all. We’ve stayed within Skanör all day long. Too bad this is the only day not using the car… it’s so calm and peaceful to be in a small fishing town. Okay, lots of people maybe but as they are on the beach where we don’t go the rest of the area is “all to us”. Neither of us are good beach people. I find it fun for maybe 5 minutes and then I get bored of just laying there doing nothing. More fun to explore…

The first thing we explored after breakfast was the pharmacy. Last week I called the pharmacy and ordered my biological medication to be ready for pickup today. As the shots needs to be in the refrigerator traveling is not so easy. But as we are within Sweden I could call an “expert line” and they set up everything I needed. So convenient to just say where and when I want to pick up my meds and they do the rest!

After taking my medication we went for a walk. First stop was the old church, both beautiful on the outside and the inside!




We also walked by the old town hall and town square.


For lunch we enjoyed small sandwiches, Mathias chose roast beef and I (surprise, surprise…) egg and shrimp.



Mid afternoon we went back to the hotel for a little rest of my hip and foot. Shortly before 4 pm we were out walking again as we’d read that at 4 pm there would be geese crossing the road. We quickly located the place…



…but when no one else had shown up except us I started checking online (how did I survive before I had the whole Internet in my pocket!? 😉) and apparently the geese had escaped. I guess they got tired of walking over the same crossing every single day just so the tourists could have some fun.

Instead we walked back to the hotel and sat down to rest a little more before walking to the harbor to visit a seafood restaurant. We ate lots of yummy food tonight. Hubby ate a seafood platter with different picked herrings and fishes, and I ate a fish soup. For dessert we enjoyed strawberries with white chocolate mousse. 😋😋😋




In total we’ve walked just over 10 kilometers today. I’m keeping my fingers crossed my joints will cooperate with me tomorrow!! 😁😰🙏

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