Road trip: Day 7


Today we checked out from the fantastic B&B we’ve stayed at for 4 nights. I’ll write a separate post about it when we’ve returned home. The place was so great that I think it deserves its own post and a little highlight.

We drove directly towards our next area of the road trip, Skanör. However, when we reached Höllviken (B) there was a HUGE line of cars standing still in the direction towards Skanör. We stopped at a gas station for ice cream instead and I asked if something special was going on today. The guy answered “No, it’s sunny and it’s a Sunday, it’s always like this then. It will be better later in the afternoon”. So, instead we drove towards Malmö (C). I wanted to take the car over the bridge to Denmark. After a little research though I changed my mind… 395 SEK one way… no way I’m gonna pay that just to cross a bridge! We went to a shopping mall instead where we ate lunch and I bought two new capri tights. For some reason I brought 3 jeans and only one skirt and with me on the trip. I guess I was convinced we’d have bad weather! 😉

Later in the afternoon we drove to Skanör (D) and checked in to our hotel where will stay the coming 3 nights.

The room is quite small but has a seating area right outside the door. Unfortunately the hotel is also a coffee shop so anyone can use the tables. Turned out someone did too… Mathias was sitting by the door (his back towards the outside) and we had left a few things on the table but a lady still thought that this particular table was hers so she sat down and enjoyed her cake and coffee and newspaper. I’m still surprised that she had to chose this place as the courtyard was almost empty. Oh well… at least she wasn’t smoking!!



In the evening we walked to Skanör harbor as well as along the cute roads of Skanör.




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