Road trip: Day 6

Today I finally gave in and raised my daily cortisone dose again after trying this new dosage for 3 weeks. I don’t want more days spoiling things I want to do during the vacation. The hip is a little better today and has not hurt as much as previous days. Maybe the warm weather has helped a bit too as we’ve had +25 Celsius and more the past two days. Still, I didn’t want to bother the hip too much so no national park today either and tomorrow we’ll continue to another part of Skåne. I guess we have a reason to return another year! 😉

Today we’ve had quite a long car drive with several stops in order to exercise my hip a bit. Can’t stand/walk too long and can’t sit to long… 😏


Our first stop (B) was at a waterfall and mill, Hallamölla.



A short distance from the mill an old alum factory is located. It started in the late 16 century and stopped in 1912. Unfortunately we were there a little too early as they had not open yet but the building for the coffee shop looked pretty with all flowers…


The rest of the day we’ve spent visiting castles. First off was Bosjökloster castle (D). It used to be an abbey and then in the Middle Ages it turned into an castle.





Next was Övedskloster castle (E).


And last we visited Marsvinsholms castle (F).


All castles are private homes but the first castle had many areas open to the public whereas the last two only allowed for walking in the gardens.

On our way back to the B&B I captured a nice picture of a mill and fields.


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