Road trip: Day 3


At 9 am we left Älmhult (and Mathias’ father who will stay there another week) and drove towards the county of Skåne.

Our first stop where in Kristianstad (B on map) to check out the places where Mathias lived between the ages of 7 to 11. We found the building of the hotel his parents used to run, nowadays it’s a kitchen shop.


Next we drove a little bit south to Viby (see C) where they owned a home. We drove around a little but eventually he was sure that this was the house…


The rest of the day we spent at three different castles. First of were Trolle Ljungby Castle (D), next Vittskövle Castle (E) and last Christinehof Castle (F).




Christinehof castle was the only one we could actually walk inside and not only in the gardens. The first two are private castles.

At point G is where our bed and breakfast, Lillåsa, is located. We will stay here for 4 nights while we explore this area of the county. The owner recommended a restaurant called “Upp eller Ner” (translated: Up or Down) in a town south of where we are staying, Ystad. I ate a fantastic Arctic char with a mustard vinaigrette potato salad. Yummy! 😋


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