Road trip: Day 1 and 2

I’ve not had a reliable Internet connection during the first two days of our road trip. At the family farm were we’ve stayed the phone has most often said “without service” and when we were in town we had too much to do that I’ve not had time to post.

So far our vacation is going great except my right hip which has given me lots of issues. 😞 I feed it plenty of pain killers in order to keep it under control.

Day 1


At 9 am we were in the car heading south. We picked up Mathias’ father, Kenneth, at the train station before heading south.

Our first stop (except for a short break for coffee and a picnic) was at Fröderyd (B on the map) where my favorite hymn author Lina Sandell was born and lived during her youth.



Our next stop were in Korsberga (C on the map) where our house builder Trivselhus is located. It was closed but of course I had take a picture!


Our final stop (D) was in Älmhult where Mathias’ family farm is located. It was built by his paternal grand parents.


Before going to bed hubby and Kenneth tried to get the water heater to work. They didn’t succeed, seems to be broken.


Day 2
We spent the whole day in/around Älmhult visiting family members. In the afternoon we had a little family gathering at a cousin of Mathias.




After dinner we went to a neighbors farm where we learnt how to take care off a bee farm.



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