I’m “bathing” in color swatches and outdoor paint catalogs right now. By tomorrow we need to have decided what color the front door shall have and the “color-coordination-freak” that I am I need to make sure that whatever color we choose fit with the rest of the color of the house. That means ALL colors need to be decided by tomorrow at 4 pm. (We have the last design meeting with the house builder tomorrow and then the final order will be sent in to the builder).

To make matter worse I/we have decided to have the house painted in two colors, one color for the main part of the house (wood panels going vertical) and another color for the wood panels going horizontally. So, that means picking 3 colors!! One is bad enough and now I need to pick three. 😳 Yikes!

Obviously a good solution might be to have a white front door, but sorry no, I want a little more color than that! Almost everyone has a plain white front door in the area and I want something a little more fun and different than that.

This has to be the hardest decision for the house. Yes I know I had a hard time with some of the bathroom decisions (see my post Bathroom design issues) but choosing colors is terrifying to say the last. I’m not good at when it comes to seeing the “whole picture” of the color scheme in my head. I just can’t envision what it will look like.

I loved the colors we had on the house in the US. A olive green with a red front door. Looked beautiful! The good thing there was that the builder had decided on preset color schemes and all we needed to do was to pick one as long as it wasn’t the same color as the house next door. Quite easy as both were grey…


I’ve tried to find swatches that are similar to the ones on the old house but I never seem to get it right. And unfortunately the color choices is not written down in the binder from that builder. Obviously it couldn’t be that easy!

No instead I’m having major decision anxiety and have spread out my catalogs and swatches in the living room sofa… I got ~23 hours before decision time! 😰


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