Diet changes

I have decided to try to change my diet. Almost two years ago I tried a gluten free diet in order to help my RA. That time I didn’t feel it helped me at all. Maybe I weren’t patient enough? I ate gluten free for 3 months but I’ve seen lots of articles that it can take “many months” for a diet to really work. A little hard to know exactly what that means but probably more than 3!?

I do believe that controlling the diet is a good way to limit the amount of medication needed. If this will help me get rid of (at least) the cortisone pills and pain killers it’s definitely worth it. I’ve read online that 6 of 10 people will feel better by changing the diet so I’ll give it another go. I’m not ready to go as far as the gluten free vegan diet suggested in many articles as a approach against rheumatism. I’ll start slowly…

I figured I’d try another approach this time though. I’ll try a lactose free diet as well as skip eating all types of red meat. That’s a tough one as I love ribs, lamb, moose etc! If it is a super special occasion I might cheat a little but generally I’ll try not too.

If needed I will extend the diet to include gluten free food as well. Time will tell…

Today I bought my first lactose free items at the grocery store. I even tried a lactose free ice cream from GB Glace. A little boring with so few ice cream choices to pick between but I’ll get use to it I’m sure.



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