Gastronomic evening

Get ready for a lot of food pictures, because tonight we have been in food heaven! 😋

Mathias decided a while back to reserve a table for tonight at Gastrologik. A one week late anniversary dinner and a celebration of being together full time again after my 10 months in Linköping.

They don’t have a fixed menu and when you get to the restaurant you get a blank menu with the two choices: three or six courses. We decided on the six course menu but in reality we got 19 different items/plates. Each like a different little art piece. We’ve been to plenty of fancy restaurants but this is without a doubt the one with the best layout and thought in regards to plate design and the one with so many fantastic ingredients that the taste buds got a big surprise for each new plate arriving at the table.

Here are the pictures from the first item until the last one.


















A fantastic evening! I truly recommend this place! The fun thing is that you can go there within a week or two and the menu will be completely different.

2 thoughts on “Gastronomic evening

  1. strawberryquicksand June 30, 2013 / 02:15

    Okay, the food looks amazing!!! Can I have descriptions of each dish please? lol

    • Cecilia June 30, 2013 / 16:12

      Ha ha ha! Nope, sorry… but I can give you info of a few. First pic is chips of new potato and ramson. Forth pic is quail egg marinated in soy. Fifth pic is elder berry. 13th pic is rhubarb marmalade on the left and sugar chips with rhubarb powder on the right. Last pic is spruce cookies with a spruce syrup.

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