Bye bye Linköping

Today I said goodbye to my life in Linköping.

I started the day with saying goodbye to my apartment.


Next goodbye was to my co-workers. I’m truly going to miss them. They are a talented and engaged bunch of people who really enjoy what they are doing. It was refreshing and inspiring to work with them all. During the last month I also had the privilege to meet a fantastic lady (my replacement) whom I’ll miss extremely. We quickly established a great friendship and it would have been so much fun to keep working together. She gave me a beautiful knitted cape/poncho as a “goodbye and thank you gift” which I’m truly grateful for. Can’t wait for a cold day so I can wear it! 🙂

Last I said goodbye to Linköping by visiting Old Linköping.


I’ve had a fantastic 10 months in a beautiful town. I’m really going to miss the calm pace of a smaller town. Thankfully we’re moving to a suburb away from the big city within a year. I’m also going to miss my bathtub! Can’t wait until we move. I’m going to take a bath the first day in the house! 🙂

I’m so excited to be back in Stockholm close to my hubby and family though! I’m also looking forward to a long and hopefully warm and sunny summer full of exciting events.

Hello Stockholm 🙂


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