Professional salesman?

My hubby has been in contact with the salesman of the house (or actually the land to be more correct…) about removing the flag pole standing in a corner of the lot.

I like flag poles but I also believe that with that comes the responsibility of flagging on EVERY flag day. Neither hubby nor me want to have that responsibility so we want the flag pole removed. The question was asked several weeks ago and yesterday he came up with the final response.

In bad words (not suitable anytime and absolutely not in a business relationship) he started off wondering why we want the flag pole removed and explained how to clean it. The advice of how to clean is nice but then he continued with that “even republicans can flag once a year on the National day”. What kind of comment is that!?

Seriously, should a salesman question the buyer with political reasons?

Next he explained that it would be to costly for them to remove the rhododendron bush to another corner of the lot and advised us how to take care off it during the time the builders are there in order for it to hopefully survive. It’s standing around 50-70 centimeters of where the ground people and builders need to be. Before we made the decision to sign the papers and asked a million questions one if the things we were told was that the bush would be very close to the building area and that they would replant it if necessary. Clearly that is not valid anymore!


We are both a little annoyed at the moment…

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