Some weekends ago when I met my godmother she told me that her yoga teacher had said that turmeric is a excellent herb for reducing inflammation. She also said her yoga teacher had said it was the closest thing to natural cortisone pills. That made me thinking…

As I’m going to try to get rid of or at least lower my cortisone dose this summer I thought I would give this a try. I’m a little worried as soon as I think about lowering my dose as it always gives me major issues. Just a few hours and I’m in pain with joint issues. So anything that might help a little I’ll try! I’m even considering trying a gluten free diet again if I can’t manage to lower the dose. I really want to get rid of the daily cortisone. It’s now or never…

To start with a cup of tea every morning with a teaspoon of turmeric will be on my schedule this summer!

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