Blooming yard

Passed by our lot today to see if there where any flowers on the bushes yet. The rhododendron bush had a few flowers. I’m sure it will look fantastic soon when the whole bush is in full bloom! I also noted several Lilac bushes along the back of the yard.

The rhododendron is dark pink and the Lilac is of course lilac (what is the bush called when it has other colors!?). I think they were planted just for me! 🙂



It’s fantastic that our new yard actually has so many fully grown bushes. The reason is that our lot is very close to the original house on this huge piece of land (divided into 48 lots) and the original owners had planted lots of things already so we get a nice yard “for free”. Just need to fix the area closest to the house.

Mathias found many wood pieces on a part of the yard that has “dirt” (from when the neighbors ground was built I suppose) on it and decided to carry a few and save them in a corner so we can use in the fireplace next year.


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