Heart of the home

One of the rooms most important to me is the kitchen. I truly enjoyed when we remodeled the kitchen in our apartment 3 years ago as I could pick and choose what I wanted.

Designing the kitchen in our new house is just as fun if not more. Now I’m designing a kitchen we’ll enjoy for a long time so it’s important to get it right. I’ve looked through the catalog from Ballingslöv so many times and we’ve visited the Miele Gallery twice. Today was our appointment with the “kitchen consultant” in order to start finalizing our choices. He had a computer with a separate screen so we could see exactly what our kitchen will look like.


We’ve still to make choices in regards to the color on the wall and the tiles but other than that we’re good to go. Right at the end of the appointment he mailed over the design. It will be so exciting to see our kitchen in real life next Spring!



One thought on “Heart of the home

  1. Donna June 5, 2013 / 03:47

    Technology has certainly changed since I bought my house. Exciting times.

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