Ready… set…


It’s always nice to come home and see what interesting stuff has arrived in the mailbox during my days away! This week I got my number (and paperwork) for the Vårruset race on May 27. Now it really feels close!

I’m not so nervous about the 5K I have to walk. I’ve walked plenty lately so I know my foot will survive the exercise. I’m more nervous in regards to having to stand up and wait before the race starts and to sit down in the grass for the picnic afterwards. I need to try to find some type of small camping chair I can use. (Hubby will take care of it for me during the race).

Next week I should probably try to find some type of suitable clothing for the race. Need something that is good both during the actual race and before/after.

This will be my first race and I’ll try to enjoy every minute of it. I hope the weather is nice as that makes my joints cooperate with what my mind wants!

Oh I also got the one day spa ticket for two I purchased for half the price some weeks ago. It’s not valid until the end of summer though so no need to look forward to that just yet! 🙂

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