Itching and sneezing

Yesterday we travelled to my relatives in Gävle, a ~2 hour drive from Stockholm. We had a great afternoon and in the evening we went to the hotel to check in and then back to my aunt’s home for dinner.

During dinner my allergies kicked in big time! I can’t even remember the last time it was so bad! 😦 I had my allergy pills with me but for some reason I’d forgotten the eye drops. Big mistake! I could barely keep my eyes open.

I have no idea what caused my allergic reaction yesterday. Can’t be the birch because then hubby would notice it too. He is taking allergy shots but I would suspect him to feel something from the birch at least. He is much better than previous year but I don’t think he’s cured just yet.

My cousin said that the Rowan berry tree outside the balcony had “exploded” during the day but I’ve never been told I have allergies to Rowan berry.

This morning my eyes were still not good so we ate breakfast, checked out from the hotel and drove directly to Stockholm.

Right now I’ll just have to stick with my daily allergy meds. It’s not as bad here in Stockholm as it was in Gävle but can’t be without them just yet. And then the grass season arrives which is the time when I usually start with my meds…


I need to schedule an appointment with my allergy doctor when I’m back full time in Stockholm again. Maybe I need a new check up on my allergies? I’ll need to discuss if they allow me to start with allergy shots too. I did it when we lived in the US but we moved back home before the treatment were complete. Here in Sweden they just allow people with really severe allergies to take the shots. As almost everyone in Mathias family has cat(s) I can barely make a short visit even when taking my meds so the shots could make family visits much easier. I’ll just have to wait and see if I can manage to convince my doctor.

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