Hop on Hop off

The concept of the Hop on Hop off transportation is fantastic. Every time we travel to a (new) place I try to see if they offer this type of service.

Today it was time to explore Copenhagen. We’ve not only explored the town by bus but also by foot. In total we’ve walked over 10 km today. Yes, my foot complained a lot so we had to stop and sit down for a rest occasionally. I can’t even remember the last time I walked this much with or without a troubling foot. I’m so going to be ready for my race later this month!

Our first stop was The Little mermaid statue.


Next a walk around the Citadel.




Of course we also made a stop at Amalienborg, the Royal palace. The changing of the guards happened just as we got there.



At lunch time we found ourselves in Nyhavn and decided to try one of the many restaurants. Ate a fantastic shrimp plate with spinach, egg, avocado and potatoes with a dill mayo sauce. Yummy!



At Ströget (major shopping district) we passed by a Lego store and just had to check out the huge Lego figures. The wall art is even made of Lego!


For dinner we decided on a restaurant, Det Lille Apotek, we had passed by yesterday and after reading the menu it turned out to be Copenhagen’s oldest restaurant! Nice choice! 🙂 We ate a “Stone beef”, a beef tenderloin served on a 300 degree (Celsius) hot stone and prepared it ourselves to our liking.



Now we’re back at the hotel ready to get a good nights rest so we can explore a little more of Copenhagen tomorrow (our plan is to visit the Tivoli) before our train departs in the afternoon. Here is a picture of our hotel, Palace Hotel. The building on the right is the town hall.


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