Proud walker!

All of you that follow my blog regularly know of my foot issues due to rheumatoid arthritis. It never seem to get back to normal and on my checkup appointment the past Monday the doctor decided it was time for an x-ray. I’ve had issues for a year now but have not needed a cortisone shot since last June. In two weeks I’ll know the result from the x-ray. He didn’t notice any issues with it just checking the joints “manually” so he said it was fine to walk on as normal despite my hurting foot.

So today as it is a holiday (Labor day), I’m all alone in Linköping and the weather is great I decided to check how far I could walk. I have the race I’ve signed up for in the end of May and I’ve not been able to exercise at all more than the normal walking I do daily. So, out and about in Linköping I went…

I did make a few stops such as visiting a museum (more about that in a upcoming post) at which time I paused my Runkeeper app but in total I walked:


I’m extremely proud of myself!

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