Ready for checkup


Tomorrow is my yearly checkup at the hospital. Blood work is done as of a week ago. Tonight I’ve filled in the paperwork where I have to list all my current medication. I find it a little bit ridiculous to do that… all my medications prescribed by the rheumatologist is in their records already. I can understand if they want to know any other meds prescribed by other doctors but the rest!? Just check the computer! The doctor is stuck looking at the screen during most of the appointment anyways…

Nowadays it’s also possible to fill in the many “how are you doing today” questions through the Internet so I don’t have to be at the hospital too far in advance. The questions are basically checking how I feel at the moment and what I can or can’t do, for example can I dress myself, can I pick up clothes from the floor, or can I walk on a flat surface. The hardest question is probably the “scale” where I need to pick between no pain at all or “the worst pain imaginable”. I can’t even imagine the worst pain… I’m sure that even when it hurts really really bad it could always be worse…

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