Getting organized


A few years ago I ordered (for free) a folder for collecting ideas for a future house. I never did anything with it but today I remembered I had it in my bookcase. I was quite surprised to find out that I actually ordered the folder from the same company that will now build our house. Did not remember that at all! 🙂 Now I’ll start to collect color swatches, pictures from magazines etc so we can decide how to decorate our next home. Luckily we still have some months until its time to make any final choices!

Now I’ve also marked on the house plans what things we want to change, for example moving an indoor wall a tiny bit to fit a 60 cm pantry and adding two bigger windows in the dining room. We have a few other minor changes as well but nothing that will cause any changes to the plans that needs to be submitted for the building permit.

One thought on “Getting organized

  1. strawberryquicksand April 22, 2013 / 01:06

    What a funny coincidence! I’m sure you will have loads of fun building your new home. My parents are going through that process right now. They saved $7000 off the price just by having a plain facade on the front of the house rather than the fancy one the builders like to put!!! I was just amazed when Dad told me that. Also, if you can amend the plans, maybe make sure the bedrooms will be big enough because, in Australia, modern homes’ bedrooms are actually quite small. I can’t wait to hear the updates and see the photos.
    p.s. my inlaws saw my dad mowing his block the other day. Too funny 🙂

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