Easter Sunday

Despite losing one hour today–daylight saving time started today–we’ve managed to do a lot!

After breakfast today I decided to dig in and get started going through some of the boxes in the attic. Mathias went up two times and in total I went through around 10 boxes. Some items get thrown out, others I will give to charity while others will be sold online. The stuff to keep got put back into nice huge plastic bins on wheels. Much better than the old moving boxes we’ve stored everything in earlier. Now there are a few boxes left to organize in the attic and then it will be easy to find things. My major headache right now is if I should keep two of the old-style chairs my grandma gave me 15-20 years ago.


After our little attic spring cleaning it was time for the major event of our Easter Sunday: brunch at Bockholmen.



Yummy as always!!

After our brunch we didn’t want to go home so we decided to drive somewhere. We had no idea where to go so we just pointed the car in the northwestern direction and figured we’d see something fun. Eventually we came to a sign stating “Bro Hofs castle”. As I love castles we decided to go there as we never heard of it before. Turned out it was a golf club.


Next stop was the town of Sigtuna where we walked in the old medieval town and sat in the sun during a little coffee break.




On our way home we stopped by a store to buy a waffle maker–found one which allows us to make two at a time–so we could make dinner. It was “waffle day” earlier this week and we thought it was time to finally be able to eat it at home. Ate it with whipped cream and homemade blueberry jam.



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