Impromptu Easter

Our plans for Easter Eve changed as my mother is sick with a cold/fever so instead of visiting my parents we went to Mathias’ niece, Sandra. My father-in-law also joined us for dinner.

First we had to stock up on groceries so we could make a nice Easter dinner and next I baked cupcakes. After that it was time to get in the car and drive the 25 minutes.

I found a new recipe this morning with gravlax (raw spiced salmon) with lime sauce. Tasted fantastic! We also had two types of herring (one which I made myself yesterday: pickled herring with lemon sauce). Last item on the menu were smoked salmon which Charlie (Mathias’ niece 15 month old son) completely fell in love with and just couldn’t get enough of. He reached for Sandra’s plate all the time.



This year I decorated my chocolate cupcakes with Nutella and almond chocolate eggs or marzipan chickens. I also made bird nests out of almond paste which I pressed through the garlic press. Very tedious work but it looked cute…


3 thoughts on “Impromptu Easter

  1. strawberryquicksand March 31, 2013 / 03:40

    I love how your house is always so nicely decorated and you put so much effort into all your decorations. My decorations, on the other hand, are a pile of old magazines, a pile of paperwork that has yet to be filed and just bits and pieces of junk lying around the place that needs to be put away. Oh, and more often than not dog hair tumbleweeds. lol

    • Cecilia March 31, 2013 / 10:51

      Thank you 🙂 But you’ve never seen pictures of my home office have you! 😉 It’s also fairly easy to “hide” some things from the camera. 🙂

      • strawberryquicksand April 1, 2013 / 02:21

        Haha it is… but my house NEVER looks really pretty like the photos you show of your place. Even your lovely table runners, or the little flowers you buy to brighten the place up….

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