Winding roads

This morning we got our rental car delivered and away we went. Our planned journey for the day was drive north from Alcala to visit the towns of Masca and Garachico and a few others in between.

A friend had informed us about Masca and the horrifying roads to get there. I didn’t think much about it originally because we have lived in the Rocky Mountains after all. We didn’t get far up on the road towards Masca and I changed my mind… they were tiny with sharp curves… they were terrifying to go down! I’m so glad Mathias was driving and not me! I’m also glad that we met the bus on our way up and not down! 🙂


It was very crowded in the town of Masca so we didn’t find a parking space so we could explore the town but we got some fantastic photos of it from a distance.



In the town of Garachico we ate a late lunch, a fantastic sea bass fillet with garlic sauce. One of the best meals so far here in Tenerife! The view from our table was pretty great too…


While eating a few trucks filled with bananas passed by.


After lunch we started the drive back towards Alcala. Once again we drove up and down through lots of sharp turns. These were much better though as the road was wider! We arrived at Mirador de Garachico which offered a fantastic view of the town where we ate lunch.


At another place we were above the clouds. It was only 13 degrees Celsius outside but out I went in my short sleeved blouse and skirt. Got fantastic photos so I won’t complain.



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