I’ve not been shopping in downtown Stockholm for quite sometime. Actually I can’t even remember the last time I was there. I’m not counting the twice a week quick pass through between the subway and the central station on my way to/from Linköping.

Today I had a haircut appointment so I decided to do a little shopping both before and after. Right at 10 am when all shops open up it’s so nice to walk around as there are barely any people out. After lunch time it’s the opposite and not much fun at all. 😉

We passed by Hötorget (outdoor market) and I was so happy to see all the colorful feathers on display. That means Spring… and Easter… is almost here.



I almost bought a few of the feather bunches. Only reason I didn’t is because I’m away most days of the week plus that we’ll go on vacation in a week so figured it was pretty silly to have them standing at home with no one being able to enjoy them.

Right by Hötorget is my favorite indoor market Hötorgshallen and even though I didn’t need anything I just had to go inside. They’ve done some major renovations lately so it’s two levels now which means even more yummy stuff! 🙂




Of course I couldn’t pass by the cheese counter without getting at least a little piece of cheese. Bought one of my favorite cheese, Appenzeller.

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