New toy

I slept for 11 hours(!) tonight. Felt so good!! 🙂 I actually felt very well rested for the first time in quite awhile. I still got a stuffy noise (can’t live without nasal spray) and cough. It’s much better than it has been but I can’t wait for feeling all well again!

I decided to skip tonight’s birthday party for my sister-in-law (she turned 40 a few weeks ago) and last weekend I missed the family birthday dinner too. I’m quite annoyed but not much to do about it. I need to take care off myself right now.

We did go for a little adventure to the shopping mall today. I wanted to get a new iPad at the Apple store. I’ve had the normal sized iPad for several years now and even bought the newer version last Spring. I’ve realized I don’t use it as much due to my fingers/hands issues (due to my RA). It’s not super heavy, weight only ~600 grams, but it’s been enough for me holding it for a short while and having stiff joints afterwards. So what to do as I do like using it? Well, luckily for me Apple was kind enough to release a iPad Mini (weight ~300 grams) so today I finally purchased it! I also got a turquoise cover just as I had with my old iPad.


It took a while to restore everything from my old iPad, but finally I could play around and have fun with it! Now I’m resting in the sofa with a blanket and my new iPad mini!


My goal for tonight is to find a digital travelers guide for Tenerife which we’ll visit next month. Can’t wait for a little warmer weather. My favorite when it comes to traveling books “Top 10…” don’t have a Tenerife version so now I need to find something else.

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