Back in business


After two weeks being sick it was finally time to go back to Linköping again. Mathias drove me here yesterday already so I didn’t have to wake up early today to catch the train. Instead I managed to sleep longer, almost an hour!

I was lazy and took a taxi both to and from work. I felt like I didn’t have the energy to walk the 1,5km to the bus station. I also didn’t have a bus pass as it expired Friday so I couldn’t take the bus home either. Tomorrow it’s back to normal bus commuter life though! I’m hoping I’ll manage to walk and don’t have to cheat on my way home and take a second bus. I like the walk but I need to have the energy to do it and I don’t want to overdo it just yet as I’m still not feeling good.

Half of the day today I just sorted through all my emails! =) When I left today my inbox was nicely organized again. Just as I want it to be! I went home 2 hours earlier as I felt so tired I couldn’t be useful. I’m hoping tomorrow will be a little easier…

When I came home I quickly checked my apartment for the new upgrades which where installed today. The company I rent my corporate apartment from sent me an email last week informing me that they would do some upgrades. I now got more TV channels (not that I need that as I rarely watch anyway), faster Internet including a new wifi router (the old one I purchased myself as I can’t live without wifi, so many things I just have to connect! 🙂 ) and a very useful iPod/iPhone music player. That one I’m gonna use for sure!! 🙂


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