Flu season

I’ve been sick for almost two weeks now. Last week I went to the doctor but they couldn’t find anything more than me having a cold, cough and fever. I was home from work all week long. The fever was gone after four days but I still didn’t feel good. So, on Monday of this week I had to go back to the doctor again. I was told I most likely had the flu and he ordered me to rest this week. I’m still having a cold and cough and I’m extremely tired but I’m feeling better and plan on working on Monday. I know the first days will be rough though, after almost two weeks in bed my energy is basically nonexistent.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed now that I won’t get sick anytime soon. Two weeks with the flu is quite enough! I’m a little concerned about all the different flu types going around right now. With the medicines I take for my RA it’s so easy for me to get sick and just the thought of sitting near people on the buses and trains makes me a little worried. I’m going to stock up my refrigerator with fruit and juice! I need all the C-vitamins I can get!

One thought on “Flu season

  1. Vivis Blog February 9, 2013 / 14:19

    Hope you will get well soon!!
    Hugs ♥

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