Train ride

I had an appointment at the orthopedic clinic today to collect my new shoe inserts and to order new shoes. I get prescribed two of each every year in order to give some relief to my feet and knees–in Sweden people with RA gets the shoe inserts for free and pay a lower fee for the shoes.

Due to the appointment I had to take a later train to Linköping than I normally do on Monday mornings. The good thing with today’s train ride was that it was daylight outside instead of the normal darkness/semidarkness that has now been for a few months and will continue on a bit more while I travel in mornings/evenings.

Traveling during daylight means a nice view of the fantastic Swedish landscape. It’s a little bit white again but not close to what it was before Christmas. It’s hard to take nice photos on the fast train but I tried… they actually turned out better than I thought!



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