All dressed up

After spending the past two days on the sofa I lost my patience today. Where is the delete button to get rid of my cold? Hubby got a cold since yesterday but as always he’s “feeling fine”. No sickness feeling whatsoever… lucky guy!

Around lunchtime I was so “annoyed” of not being able to do anything that I took a shower, put on my jeans and grabbed my favorite blouse (of the ones I have here in Stockholm. Having two wardrobes in different cities is such a pain… but that’s a whole other blog post topic… 🙂 ). Next, I fixed my hair and did my makeup. At least I ought to try to convince myself I was feeling great. Worked for a little bit as we decided to go out for lunch. Drove to CafĂ© Brostugan and got a table by the fireplace.


Of all the days to go outside today was the best as it was actually SUNNY outside! Can’t remember when I saw the sun the last time! 2 weeks ago? It’s been so grey and cloudy lately since the snow went away.

On our way back home we went grocery shopping. Luckily we didn’t need much because right then I felt like being back in bed. My energy is not back so I’m glad it’s two more days to recover before time to go back to work.

One thought on “All dressed up

  1. Kenneth Magnusson January 4, 2013 / 23:08

    Jag har nog frr talat om ven fr dig att min delete button
    inte r att sitta eller ligga hemma och hlla bacillerna varma och
    skna. Jag tar dem med mig ut i skogen ngon timme varje dag, frn
    frkylningens brjan, och frskrcka dem med djupa andetag. Tyvrr kan
    jag inte lna ut denna frnmliga knapp, utan andra fr skaffa sig en
    sdan sjlva . Kenneth

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