I love shopping at IKEA. Looking at all the different showcase rooms are even more fun! I get lots of inspiration in regards to home decoration. Sometimes it’s even dangerous with all the inspiration as I feel like remodeling! 😉

Friday we went to IKEA as we needed new office chairs. As usual we came home with a few more things than originally planned… 🙂 but only things we really needed such as new towels. I also bought new towels for the apartment in Linköping. The ones I bought 1,5 month ago are terrible! The leave fluff all over the floor as well as on the hands/body. So annoying…

When we walked around the store yesterday I found my dream kitchen. Lots of space for cooking/baking as well as for storage and display of finer china. Also an island which I love, but I would make it even better with adding a few high chairs so you can sit and eat there. Having a space so we can have dinner parties easier is also a major plus!



I also found a make up table which I would love to have when we have a bigger bed room one day.


Oh and not to forget a his and hers sink in the bath room. I loved having that when we lived in the US.


Now I only have to decide where to move and what type of living we want…

2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. strawberryquicksand December 30, 2012 / 10:08

    Haha Is Ikea in Sweden like it is here in Australia – they let you in and then you have to walk the ENTIRE STORE in a maze like way until you get to the exit? The cafeteria is located halfway through the maze so you can get some much needed sustenence. I do like some of the Ikea stuff. It’s pretty funky. I think it’s funny that you shopped at Ikea in it’s natural form, so to speak – in that you are in Sweden and Ikea is from Sweden. You would make sense of all those funny names they give things, whereas to us, it sounds a bit like they make it up as they go along. lol. xo and YES! That kitchen is GORGEOUS!

    • Cecilia December 30, 2012 / 11:56

      Yes, I think every IKEA is like that. The stores in the US was the same way. Bad for the wallet but pretty good for exercise as you walk a lot. If I know what I want before going there i check the shelf number and just go directly and pick up my items. Much quicker to get to the cashier then!

      Haha yeah the names are funny for everyone but Swedes. Everything is named after villages or traditional Swedish names. I always thought it was funny to see the Swedish names when walking in the stores in the US. Pronouncing it for people who don’t know Swedish (or the other Scandinavian languages) must be difficult! 🙂

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