Birthday boy

Christmas Day in my family means celebrating my brother’s birthday. It’s really good that Swedes celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve! 🙂

The morning we spent at home making more candy. Around lunchtime my mother-in-law came back with our car (she borrowed it yesterday evening in order to get home easier). We drove her home and then headed to my parents. Our plan was to go to the memorial ground to light candles but due to the snow storm (lots of snow plus heavy winds) we decided to just go straight to my parents.

Once there we enjoyed coffee and cookies while my brother opened his gift.



We also played a little couronne. Normally I would play more than once but I’ve experienced more pain in my shoulder and back the past days so I let my brother and hubby play instead.


For dinner we were first served an appetizer containing toasted bread. My brother got a toaster as a gift from my parents which “burns” the badge of his favorite team.


Main course was Flygande Jacob (translated Flying Jacob), a chicken dish with a whipped cream sauce served with rice. I’ll post the recipe someday not too far away.


And for dessert we ate ice cream.


As I said earlier it was snowing a lot early on today so we decided to bring toothbrushes etc in case we had to stay the night. It stopped snowing in the mid afternoon and we figured it wouldn’t be too bad to drive home after all. The small road out to the main road where my parents lives were quite bad but once we got to the main road the snow had been removed and it was easy to get home.

When we left my parents I noticed Santa and Mrs Claus were snowed in so I removed the snow from their faces and then got this fantastic photo.


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