Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve celebration started this morning with rice porridge, as usual.


The morning hours we spent preparing the items we had promised to bring to today’s dinner.

At today’s event it was lots of tasty food. So much that it was impossible to try everything. The food table looked fantastic!






After dinner Santa arrived with some presents. Charlie was a little curious but was not at all interested to be near and definitely not sit in Santa’s lap!


I had brought cupcakes and gingerbread cookies. My cupcakes were supposed to look like Santa hats but no matter how much food coloring I used it never turned red… and suddenly I didn’t have any more color to use at all. So, this year instead of “Santa red” we had “Santa pink” 🙂



After all gifts were opened Charlie had a cozy time with Mathias with two of his gifts. A portable DVD player and his favorite movie (a children’s character I’ve never heard of before…)



Our evening ended with our traditional gift exchange game. Using dices we compete of the gifts each person brings. Mathias and I together won 3 items this year!

Now it’s time to go to bed and sleep so we’re ready for tomorrow’s birthday party!

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