Christmas prep

Today we’ve done the first of the Christmas preparations for the upcoming Christmas dinners.


I made two types of pickled herring this year. The first one is the same one as I’ve done the past (two?) years, pickled herring with glögg(mulled and spiced wine). The second one is a new recipe I found when searching the net. I really wanted to try a saffron based pickled herring this year and I’m looking forward to try it tomorrow! I modified the recipe a little bit because I didn’t want to have garlic in it. I think I ought to create my own pickled herring recipes some day.

Mathias made a candy called knäck (a type of toffee). There could be no Christmas without it! The ingredients of knäck are whipping cream, syrup and almonds.

I also wrapped all of our gifts and somehow managed to use all the 10 meters of gift string on 6 gifts. =)

Tomorrow we have a few more to do items and then we’re ready for Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Christmas prep

  1. strawberryquicksand December 22, 2012 / 22:22

    You sound very industrious! I’m guessing you have finished work for the year and have departed Lingköping? 🙂

    • Cecilia December 23, 2012 / 10:13

      Haha, yes, Christmas prep requires a good schedule even when fewer things than usual needs to be prepared. So glad we don’t have Christmas dinner at our place this year. Living away during the weekdays is not easy right before a big celebration.

      Yes, I’m back home in Stockholm now! Two weeks of vacation feels fantastic! And even more fantastic is that I don’t need to use any of my vacation days at all during my days off only saved “overtime”.

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