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I was supposed to attend a geocaching event during my lunch hour today in order to “celebrate” today. The event was scheduled to start 12:12pm. Instead, I’m sick at home! I’ve been home for 3 days and I will stay home the rest of the week.

It all started Monday when I woke up with a migraine and spent almost the whole day in a dark bedroom. Yesterday was a little better as far as being in rooms with lamps but I still felt quite nauseous and couldn’t eat much plus that I had a heavy head and no energy whatsoever. Today I called the Stockholm Health Care hotline and was told it wasn’t necessary to go to a doctor unless I started to feel worse, got a fever or severe headache. They thought it was “left over” effects after my migraine or possibly a lighter version of the flu.

I hate being away from work for so long especially a week when I had lots of fun meetings but not much I can do about that… I hope my newly bought Christmas flower decorations survive without water this week!

So instead of doing something special this special day I’m just wishing my appetite and my energy comes back quickly.

Here is a photo my brother Christoffer sent to me today. More great car photos can be found on his website, iChriz.com


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