Weekend plans

When Mathias came home yesterday we packed our things and drove to my parents. Originally we had a spa weekend in Tällberg planned but due to how I’m feeling right now we rebooked for mid January.

Outside the door a nice candle welcomed us.


Inside dinner was almost ready and we sat down to eat. After dinner my brother and I tried to figure out how to make a geocache I’m planning to hide this weekend. We couldn’t really do anything because the boxes he/we have done earlier were too small. I wanted a little bigger cache than one who can barely fit a piece of log paper but it still need to be one that is fairly small as it need to be magnetic in order to hide it. Not really sure what to use but I hope I can figure something out today. I really want to hide my first cache as I’ve found a perfect spot no one else has found yet. At least when I was there two weeks ago!

We stayed the night at my parents because Mathias had to be up early today preparing a beef brisket that is supposed to slow grill for around 10 hours. So now the brisket is on the grill and we can concentrate on breakfast instead. I’m getting spoiled this morning too as my dear hubby is making scrambled eggs for me. That’s my new weekend breakfast! 🙂

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