A night with Peter, part 2

I thought I should post a few videos from YouTube with songs by Peter Jöback. Some of you that read my blog know his voice very well, but others not so.

The first video is from the musical Kristina från Duvemåla. It’s written by the ABBA-guys Björn and Benny and based on books by Vilhelm Morberg. The story is about a family that emigrate to the USA and about their life there. In this particular song the character Robert has returned from trying to find gold in California. He went there with a friend and return alone because his friend died along the return back. In the song Robert sings to Kristina about the hardship of finding gold (which they didn’t) and the death of his friend. The video starts with Björn talking about the song so be patient the song starts after a little bit. This video is in Swedish only.


Here Peter sing Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera. He sang the title role at West End for a few months this year and we went to London in May to see him perform.


And, the last video (I could easily have posted several more)… Here Peter is singing a duett with Helen Sjöholm (she played Kristina in Kristina från Duvemåla). The song is Come What May from Moulin Rouge and the event is the Royal Wedding concert before the Crown Princess got married in 2010.


Enjoy! And hopefully you don’t get stuck too long on YouTube! 😉

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