Massage experience

I’ve had issues with my left shoulder for quite sometime now and the past 2 weeks has been particularly bad so Monday I decided it was time to find a massage therapist. I asked a co-worker of mine if she had any suggestions and she told me another co-worker of ours went to one regularly so I asked him. Got the name and number and called for an appointment. I was happily surprised when I could get one this week already.

Yesterday after work I had my appointment. I didn’t really know what to expect as I’ve never had a massage before. She asked me a few questions and I had to fill in information about my health. She then told me that I could experience some dizziness right after the massage and the day after it was possible to have muscle soreness. Well, the actual massage was okay. Hurt a lot when she worked with my shoulder but at the same time it felt a bit relaxing. When finished I did notice the dizziness at first but it went away quickly. Other than that I felt great! My shoulder didn’t hut at all!!

All that changed shortly after midnight when I woke up with bad pain in my back. As soon as I moved around in the bed I immediately regretted the move… When I woke up this morning it was just as bad if not worse. Now my shoulder hurt a lot too. It took me a while to get out of bed because I just wanted to stay still and not move at all. After 10 minutes I decided a warm shower might help. And it did, at least when I stood under the warm water. As soon as I was done the pain was back. 😦

I had to unload my backpack with half of what I’d planned to bring with me to Stockholm because I couldn’t carry it otherwise. Clearly I’d gotten the muscle soreness she mentioned! I didn’t understand it could get this bad though… 🙂

Now it’s a little better with my back and knock on wood I think my shoulder is a little better too. I’m still not able to make any big moves or turn around too quickly but at least it’s getting better. I’m quite eager to see how my shoulder feels in a few days. I’m really hoping its at least a little better.

In 1,5 week I guess it’s time to experience all this all over again. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as the first time though!

2 thoughts on “Massage experience

  1. strawberryquicksand November 3, 2012 / 04:49

    The thing is with massages, there are all different sorts. You may have had a remedial or deep tissue massage as opposed to some other type where you just get a nice light massage and feel nice afterwards. I had a smiliar experience when I went to a chairopractor – I was out of action for two days afterwards! I was very frustrated with it. Maybe visit Dr Google and see if he has any ideas about the different types of massages, and if you go back, perhaps opt for a different type? I hope you are feeling better soon!!!!! xo

    • Cecilia November 3, 2012 / 13:18

      I think I got a classical massage, whatever that is. 🙂 I’ll ask her about other techniques next time. My back is better today but my shoulder is killing me. 😦

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